Sound drawing series

The American composer Pauline Oliveros used a method for making music which she called “deep listening”. It was about being totally present while making the music but also while listening. She described it as “listening in every possible way to everything possible to hear no matter what one is doing.” ( Also she developed a musical theory called "sonic awareness". Von Gunden describes it as "the ability to consciously focus attention upon environmental and musical sound", requiring "continual alertness and an inclination to be always listening". (


In sound drawings I try using these terms. I listen to a particular sound (music or daily life recording) with headphones and draw while listening.


The rules I set up for this series are;

Only draw when the sound is on, so when the sound ends I immediately stop as well.

I don’t add anything else on the paper afterwards.

While listening and drawing I really concentrate on the sound and act according to it.

My actions on paper becomes reactions for the sounds.

I use both my hands simultaneously for drawing.


It is an ongoing and still in process series.

44'36''of listening to Philip Glass 150x180cm, acrylic on paper, 2017