Site specific installation
Gallery Zilberman - Project Space, Istanbul, Turkey


"Moving inside this ‘Interval’, touching it, feeling it. Pulling, pushing, getting trapped in it.

This is a space unknown, undefined. You can enter, walk inside, sense it. It is an in-between space; a liminal area.

What you see is long, tight lines created by tying together cut pieces of panty hoses. You are inside a small gallery space. Lines go up and down from the ceiling to the floor. Rhythmic but mixed. There is a small emptiness on the floor between all the lines. It invites you in. You walk inside. You are now surrounded by all these elastic lines. They create a gap where you can wonder around. A space where you can exist both mentally and physically.

Your movements make the space vibrant. As you slow down and leave, the installation slowly turns back to its stillness. For some, the creamy skin color panty hoses remind the bamboos. Maybe you feel like you are inside a forest or maybe you feel like entering inside a brain… As you want to define it, as you feel… I’m creating this space for you to feel your own interval.

Don’t worry, they look fragile but they are strong enough, you can go inside and do what you want.

So how do you feel? Are you wondering around in your own space? Do you feel spacious? Do you feel trapped? How do the vibrations make you react?  Do you hear a music? Did you find your own interval?"

Video: the installation
Video: preparing the installation
Video: removing the installation

elastic rope, variable dimensions photo by Kayhan Kaygusuz