Dream News #2

Dream News is an entity that gives the news of the future to its readers by today’s dreams. In standard newspapers we always read the news of the past, while the news of the future is hidden in today’s imaginations. Dream News is an experiment to create the future by sharing today’s dreams. The project emerged from the need to express and share our dreams; with a curiosity about others dreams and about what kind of future we want to build.

Can't the future be formed with our dreams instead of the remedies we produce for the problems we experience? This paper collects dreams from different places and communities with each issue; making them visible in order to be heard, realized, and to help them turn into others dreams as well. It contains the participants’ dreams, wishes, notes and drawings for the future.

The second issue of the paper “Dream News / Hayal Gazetesi” has been realized in Kayalar and Babakale villages of Çanakkale, Turkey. This issue has been made within Kayalar Hanımeli Initiative and Babakale Kaleder Association. Both organizations are providing a space for gathering, producing, sharing, solidarity and promotion of village products organized by the women of these villages.

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