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Site specific installation
Gallery 5, Istanbul, Turkey
from The Guide Istanbul magazine:
"Defne Tesal presents her exhibition Koza at Galeri 5 until January 22. The Turkish word koza means cocoon, and in this exhibition Tesal has created an artificial, artistic cocoon in the gallery's workshop space. Stretching from one point on the floor upwards to the ceiling, Tesal's woven threads deal with concepts of order and chaos, as well as the notions of homebuilding, safety, and mental space. The white strings are both minimal and realistic, representing a spider's web or a fisherman's net. From up close and far away, viewers experience the effects of detail and overview on our artistic perception."
Removal video
After spending one month building the installation and settling into it it was time to remove it. This action itself became another performative part of the work. A farewell ceremony.
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